• Foreign Ministry: China Rare Earth Management in line with the WTO rules

    Yesterday, Jiang Yu, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said in Beijing: "The Chinese governments stewardship of all aspects of exploitation, production and export of rare earths is based on the need of protecting the environment and resourc...

    2018-1-28 14:14:27 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Beijing residents do not want to purchase a record high in two years

    ag在线官网December 30, the Central Bank Department of Business Management released the fourth quarter of 2010 the results of the survey of urban residents in Beijing survey results. Survey results show that residents desire to buy a house significantly reduced w...

    2018-1-28 14:13:15 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Ministry of Finance issued central dividend

    The Ministry of Finance yesterday issued a Circular on Improving the Central State-owned Capital Operational Budgets, in contrast with the plan in December 2007, the percentage of state-owned capital gains received by central SOEs increased by 5 percentag...

    2018-1-28 14:12:17 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Pepsi officially returned "Tianfu Cola" formula and other information

    Yesterday, PepsiCo in Chongqing Fifth Intermediate Peoples Court to fulfill the court verdict, the official return of "Tianfu Cola" formula and production processes and other information, the two sides had completely separate ways. For two years...

    2018-1-28 14:09:57 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area planning is introduced soon Marina and Pudong racing

    December 29 was informed that "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area planning" preparation is nearing completion, is expected to be introduced early next year. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area includes ten cities such as Beijing,...

    2018-1-28 14:09:16 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Yiyang SME information "ascending plan" was officially launched

    On December 24, the launching ceremony of the second Yiyang Information Construction Summit Forum and Yiyang SME Informatization "Ascendance Project" sponsored by Hunan Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology was held in Yiya...

    2018-1-28 14:08:08 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Development and Reform Commission: the first November investment in real estate development

    ag在线官网NDRC Economic Operation Regulation Bureau announced the January-November regional real estate investment data. Data show that the first November national real estate development investment 4269700000000 yuan, grow 36.5% compared to the same period, the gr...

    2018-1-28 14:06:19 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

  • Ministry of Commerce announced the continuation of non-dispersive single-mode optical fiber to Japan

    ag在线官网December 31 According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it will continue anti-dumping measures on imported non-dispersive single-mode optical fiber imported from Japan and South Korea starting January 1, 2...

    2018-1-28 14:03:58 Source Shandong Zhenbei Group Co., Ltd.

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