Foreign Ministry: China Rare Earth Management in line with the WTO rules

2018-1-28 14:14:27 Hot
Yesterday, Jiang Yu, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said in Beijing: "The Chinese government's stewardship of all aspects of exploitation, production and export of rare earths is based on the need of protecting the environment and resources available and the relevant measures are in line with the WTO rules."

    Jiang Yu said that China has exported large quantities of rare earths for a long time. Now China, with 36.4% of its reserves, undertakes more than 90% of the world's rare earth supply, making great contributions to the supply and stability of the world's rare earth market.

    Jiang Yu said that in the future, China will continue to supply rare earths to the international market and implement effective management of rare earth exports according to the WTO rules.

    On December 28, the Ministry of Commerce issued the first batch of rare earth export quotas for 2011 at 14,446 tons, a decrease of 11.4% from the first batch of quotas of 16,304 tons.

    Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Division, said in a statement to this end, in order to facilitate the normal conduct of rare earth trade, the Ministry of Commerce in 2011 the total export quota has not been finalized, in accordance with previous practices, first issued 2011 first batch of rare earth exports quota.

    The U.S. Trade Representative Office (USTR) expressed its concern after seeing the first batch of China's quotas for Rare Earth exports next year, claiming that this may prompt the United States to take further action.

    An EU spokesman said the EU sees the latest quota numbers and looks forward to China's compliance with its most recent commitment to guarantee the supply of rare earths in Europe.

    However, the head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce pointed out that for the total amount of rare earth export quota in 2011, the relevant departments are currently under negotiation and will be determined after considering factors such as China's rare earth production, domestic and international demand and the need for sustainable development, and each It is not appropriate for the parties to estimate the total amount of the whole year based on the number of the first batch of export quotas issued this time.

    Jiang Yu's position is precisely in response to the United States Trade Representative's Office recently made a statement on the rare earth.

    "With the economic development, the demand for rare earth in the international market is expanding day by day, and protecting the supply of rare earths is gradually becoming a common task facing all countries in the world. Other countries that own rare earth resources should also actively develop and utilize rare earth resources and share the responsibility of global rare earth supply "Jiang Yu appealed," China is also willing to strengthen cooperation with other countries in search of alternative resources for development of rare earths and utilization of rare earth resources. We welcome those countries with advanced environmental technologies to provide relevant technical support to China to help China make good environmental protection work. " "

    Earlier it was reported that the issue of China's rare earth exports, the United States may decide in advance whether to take action within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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